Hi! I’m Jared, 20.

Currently waiting for university to start. I’m exploring my own interests and taking up internships and volunteer positions in the meantime.


If you came from my busking sign, welcome! Thank you for stopping to listen. Follow me on my socials (links above, click the icons!) for more music content! Tag me on Instagram in a video story and I’ll probably repost it after I’m done with my set.

When I was young, my parents enrolled me in private violin lessons. I did the standard Asian thing and went all the way up till grade eight ABRSM violin, coming away with a distinction at that level. I later taught myself the guitar and some basic keyboard skills. I also took drum lessons for over two years and play all of the above instruments for my church’s youth band, so I’m fairly proficient in each.

I started busking in 2018 with two friends, later moving on to become a primarily solo act. I was legally licensed to busk under the National Arts Council’s Busking Scheme in 2018 – 2019 and I’m currently licensed under the same scheme, having gone for the 2022 April/May round of auditions to renew my license.

Courtesy of @woshiaugistine // Instagram


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